The boat is equipped with two diesel engines of the brand M533 capacity of 5000 hp (3670 kW) each. Specific fuel consumption - 163 g / hp. hour. The boat is equipped with radar facilities, radio, defenses against weapons of mass destruction. At sea state with a wave height of 0.5 m and wind up to 5 m / s boat can reach a speed of up to 50 knots, and when the sea state 3 points can reach speeds of 25-35 knots. Safe swimming is possible at sea state up to 6 points. Cruising range at full displacement with economic speed of 25-35 knots in deep water at sea state up to 3 points with a full supply of fuel and oil during operation of the diesel generator reaches 800 miles. Autonomy in this case is 5 days. The term of service is defined in the boat 15 years with two factory repairs every 5 years.

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