SPEED PATROL BOAT (Project 18627)


     The boat is designed to search for, intercept and apprehend offenders, protection and the protection of marine and coastal facilities in the coastal zone of the seas, in large reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and of the landing and assault operations. It has the certificate of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.
     Boat different dynamic overclocking minimum coasting when braking, excellent maneuverability and handling, which gives him the water jets, high seaworthiness, all of which allows him to carry out the detention of almost any boat. Water-jet propulsion allows to operate the boat on weedy waters and in shallow water with a depth of 0.8 - 1 m. The hull lines allow you to move on a rampage at a high speed without significant shock loads. The boat has a spacious wheelhouse, single and quadruple cabins, a bathroom, a place for cooking, as well as an open deck at the stern. heating and ventilation systems provide a comfortable stay of the crew on board. Automation control of the engine and major systems, the use of different types of alarms, remote control make it easy to work the navigator. High equipment of radio navigation equipment (radar, log, echo sounder, etc.) Ensures the safety of navigation and perform their tasks.

     Ability to set different types of weapons extends the functionality of the boat. The structure of weapons may include:
-air-missile system;
-the universal and the ship's grenade launcher installation;
-wide range of small arms.
The boat can be delivered without restriction to the site of operation by rail as freight grade 4 side oversize or aboard a cargo ship on the keel blocks.

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