The boat is designed for the advanced trends in the world practice the organization of patrol and is a synthesis of the best achievements of foreign and domestic shipbuilding.
Nautical high-speed water jet cutter with increased autonomy is suitable for use on all types of waters from inland waters to the coastal zone, is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, is universal in scope. The boat is designed for effective patrolling to protect the economic, legal, political and military interests of the state borders - of Inspection operations onshore and floating objects, search, intercept and apprehend violators of the landing and assault operations, conservation and protection of marine and coastal facilities, including fishing areas - lifting and transportation of illegal fishing gear and other objects on the surface, towing boats detained.
Hull form allows us to develop high-speed and move with minimal shock overloads in rough seas up to 3 points, and provide swimming at sea state up to 5 points.
Two-shaft power plant with engines M470-known Russian company "Zvezda" and water cannons FF-jet KaMeWa, provide the boat high efficiency, reliability and ease of use, excellent dynamic qualities - speed, minimal ramp-up time and stick out when braking, unique agility until the motion lag and permeability of shallow and weedy waters, which together provide the boat superior and allows it to detain virtually any boat in a wide range of conditions.
The boat is equipped with everything needed for managing, tracking the operational and navigational situation, implementation of communications. Automation control of the engine and major systems, the use of different types of alarms, remote control make it easy to work the skipper and crew as a whole. The boat has excellent conditions for accommodation and two-shift crew: -Spacious wheelhouse, two cabins for officers, cockpit and cabin campaign, a complex of residential buildings, as well as the flybridge and a spacious deck at the stern. On the stern platform placed onboard a rigid-inflatable motor boats for landing and operations Inspection and device providing operational descent and ascent.
Highly equipped with modern navigation equipment (radar, log, echo sounder, etc.), Means of communication, provide safe navigation and performance of all types of office tasks.
Ability to set different types of weapons extends the functionality of the boat. The composition of the following types of weapons or their analogs may include:
-wide range of small arms
-anti-air missile complexes;
the universal and the ship's grenade launcher installation;
-It installation ship or helicopter Gatling gun mount.

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