Speedboat for patrolling rivers, lakes, large reservoirs and coastal seas. The boat is very fast speed, excellent maneuverability and controllability, high seaworthiness, all of which allows it to detain virtually any watercraft while conducting patrols.
Contours of the body allow you to move on a rampage at a high speed without significant overloads.
Engines of the world famous companies Volvo Penta or Saterrillar economical, reliable, easy to operate and provide high speed boat. Two jet FF-jet propulsion system increase reliability and simplify the management of the boat. The use of water cannons allows good propulsion system to protect against damage when swimming in shallow water and on weedy waters.
Automation control of the engine and remote control make it easy to work the navigator.
High equipment of radio navigation equipment (radar, sonar, lag, etc.) Ensures the safety of navigation.
The boat has a spacious wheelhouse, equipped with remote-controlled engines, a cabin for four beds with air conditioning, toilet and galley, crew provide a comfortable stay in the boat, as well as an open deck at the stern, surrounded by bulwarks.
The ability to use small arms increases the functionality of the boat.

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